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Life at the California Shipbuilding Corporation Shipyard

The California Shipbuilding Corporation (CalShip), established in February 1941 on Terminal Island, became one of the focal points in Los Angeles' war effort. At CalShip, forty thousand men and women worked under war contracts to produce 467 vessels in four years. Known as the "Liberty Fleet," these cargo ships were designed to be constructed faster and less expensively than traditional cargo ships. The CalShip shipyard closed in September 1945 after the launching of its last Victory ship, "four years to the minute after the first slid into the water."

California Shipbuilding Corporation (Calship) Collection is comprised of 158 copies of the bi-weekly magazine, CalShip Log, for the period September 1, 1941 to September 27, 1945.

Aimed at the employees of CalShip, its purpose was to inform workers of safety rules, policies and procedures and the progress of working for the war effort. The magazine includes a section on employee leisure activities. Also included in this small collection is a copy of the 1942 issue of CalShip Cavalcade, which pictorially details the transition of swampland into the Terminal Island shipyard.

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