The S.S. Lane Victory runs on 100% volunteer power! The Lane Victory Maritime Center offers volunteer opportunities in the following departments:

  • Deck Crew
  • Engine Crew
  • Restoration Crew
  • Steward
  • Museum
  • Armed Guard
  • Gift Shop
  • Gangway
  • Fundraising
  • General Admin

Join the crew and keep this national treasure alive! Send us a message through our Contact page!

Financial Donations

Your contributions are vital in keeping the SS Lane Victory a part of the nation’s living history. And your support is directed to tangible ongoing projects:

Repainting the ship

Our team of dedicated volunteers are currently working on painting the funnel to its historic APL days. Decks and the hull will follow.

Preparing the ship for its reopening to visitors

The COVID-19 pandemic required us to close SS Lane Victory to the public. (Of course, our volunteers have continued work on many major and vital projects during that time.) To reopen will require a range of health and safety practices to comply with state and local requirements. These add additional operating costs and your contributions will help ensure we’re ready and fully compliant when we get the go-ahead to reopen.

Finishing repair of the boilers and getting SS Lane Victory sailing again

The work on repairing and preparing the ship’s boilers to operating condition has been ongoing, but we need more funds to finish the work. One of the Lane Victory’s most important functions is as living history—a live, working, sailing steamship. You can help move this critical project along with your donations.

Upgrading exhibits and launching new displays

SS Lane Victory hosts thousands of visitors every year and our exhibits are key in helping them understand the history of the ship, the United States Merchant Marine, and the contributions of both to our nation. Exhibits need ongoing care and upgrading from time to time. Also, our curatorial staff has many new and exciting exhibits to launch when resources are available.

We welcome your contributions to preserving an important part of American maritime history—and one of the few ships from its era.

Your cash contributions are deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

And we welcome your donations as part of your estate planning. Please contact us for further information.

Artifact Donation Policies

Thank you for your interest in donating an artifact or item to our collection.

  The SS LANE VICTORY collects items related Merchant Mariner history, Merchant Vessel Operations and other items related to the service of the SS LANE VICTORY. Occasionally, the Museum Curator will accept donations that may be significant with a limited connection.   Currently, we are seeking items to add to the collection related to SS LANE VICTORY’s service as follows:

  • Wartime & Peacetime Service
  • Navy Armed Guard
  • Korean Refugee Rescue
  • Lane Victory Historical Documents

Artifacts and items accepted may include uniforms, clothing, bedding, linens, flags, medical items, printed materials, art, photographic mediums, models, and various military artifacts.

At the discretion of Museum Staff, additional items with significant historical impact may be accepted.

Unfortunately because of limited museum storage space, we are unable to accept all artifacts. Additionally, there is no guarantee that the item(s) will go on display. Artifacts that are accepted but not displayed are preserved and stored sometimes for future display but always accessible as reference items for researchers.

We are not accepting Japanese battle or "good luck" flags. Our museum staff supports the repatriation of these artifacts to the the families of the Japanese soldiers who carried them. You can find out more about this at the Obon Society, which has a program to return the flags to families. The Obon Society website is Obon Society | Our Mission.

SS LANE VICTORY Museum policy requires that only Museum Collection Staff accept items. A receipt will be issued to you once the items are accepted. Items that are left with volunteers or on the SS LANE VICTORY randomly will be treated as abandoned property.   For questions, please email our Museum Curator at [email protected] .  

   Thank you for your support of the