Important Dates in the Life of the S.S. Lane Victory

Events from The Lane Victory - The Last Victory Ship In War And In Peace

by Captain Walter Jaffee

And other sources

1945 March Lane Victory named for Lane College in Jackson, Tennessee
April 5 Keel laid for the Maritime commission, hull #V-794
May 31 The Lane Victory christened by Mrs. Florence Cleaves Evans, Bishop Lane's granddaughter
June Sea trials completed
June 27 The Lane Victory delivered to the American President Lines by the War Shipping Administration
July 2 Lane Victory begins her first assignment, World War II
October 8 Second voyage began
1946 February 27 Second voyage ended. All guns removed
March Lane Victory chartered by American  President Lines for use in the Marshall Plan
1948 May 11 Lane Victory laid up at Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet
1950 October Lane Victory sailed her first trip in the Korean War
December 5 The Lane Victory rescued over 7000 Korean men, women and children
1953 October 30 Lane Victory laid up at Suisan Bay
1966 September Lane Victory joins the Vietnam
1971 February 17 Lane Victory returns to Suisan Bay Fleet
1988 October 18 President Ronald Reagan signed a Bill conveying the Lane Victory to the U.S. Merchant Marine Veterans of World War II
1989 June 7 The Lane Victory's pink slip arrived
June 12 The Lane Victory arrived in the  Los Angeles Harbor
1990 Jun 27 The Lane Victory nominated for consideration as a historic landmark
1990 December 14 The Lane Victory recognized as a National Historic Landmark
1992 April 30 The Lane Victory goes to dry dock
May 15 The Lane Victory is out of shipyard to Berth 53
July & August The United States Coast Guard inspections  continue
September 10 The Lane Victory Sea Trials
October 3 & 4 The Lane Victory Inaugural Cruise
1994 The Lane Victory Steams for Normandy to participate in the "Last Convoy" as part of the 50th anniversary of D-Day celebrations.  Unfortunately the Lane's trip is cut short by boiler problems and she has to make port in Acapulco, Mexico for repairs.
June Participated in a mock Normandy invasion in the Santa Barbra Channel in celebration of the 50th anniversary of D-Day
September Escorted the Jerrimiah O'brien from San Pedro to San Francisco in celebration of the O'brien's return from her voyage to Normandy, France.
2007 October  9 S.S. Lane Victory receives a Special Heritage Award from the World Ship Trust in San Deigo, CA.