Hoisting Movie Props Aboard

S.S. Lane Victory hoisting an artilery piece aboard for the filming of
Flags of Our Fathers

Amphibious Assault

Amphibious assault scenes filmed aboard the S.S. Lane Victory for the movie
Flags of Our Fathers

Bud Light Shoot

Temporary structure being erected for the filming of a Bud Light superbowl commercial

The S.S. LANE VICTORY is a fully restored, fully operational World War II era Victory Class cargo ship that served in three wars. Authentic and complete with guns, cannons and real machinery spaces for film production of all kinds, the ship has a long history of service to the entertainment and movie industry and is located a short 28 miles from Hollywood.

The S.S. LANE VICTORY offers direct freeway access and a very large and secure parking lot with all available utilities. This vessel can be your most convenient location for nautical, military, and adventure films. Fully functioning, the ship is available for filming at the dock or out at sea. Experienced and cooperative crewmen will assist you in meeting your production schedules and expected outcomes.

The officers' mess is available for use as a film production office. The museum in hold #4 is available as a general staging area and break room for the film crew. The ship's cabins can be made available for use by actors if necessary.

The ship's cargo booms are operational and can be used to load film production equipment, used as a functional part of a scene or used to support temporary rigging as part of a set.  The booms are rated for a maximum lift capacity of 2.3 tons.  If there is the need to load heavier equipment, dock-side or floating cranes will be necessary.

Non-permanent modifications can be made to the vessel to give any desired appearance.  Our location manager can work with film scouts to give an idea of what is/isn't possible.

Film crews will need to supply their own power systems as most of the ship's electrical system is D.C. current and is not compatible with most film equipment. A generator can easily be hoisted aboard and stowed in hold #3.

Scouts are welcome at any time by appointment. Location photos are available here and a list of credits is available here. The S.S. LANE VICTORY has appeared in Oscar nominated and winning films, Super Bowl TV ads and network video productions for over 15 years.

We welcome your inquiries.

Dressed for an episode of NCIS

S.S. Lane Victory "dressed" with additional lighting for an episode of NCIS

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