Our mission is to ensure that future generations always remember the sacrafices of men and steel that now reside on bottom of the worlds oceans; the ships and men who were the "bridge of ships" that supplied the allied war machine that went on to victory in the European and Pacific theaters of World War II. The S.S. Lane Victory is a living memorial to the 1554 merchant ships and 9300 crew lost during the war. On every summer cruise, a memorial serivce for one ship and her crew is held on the port rail.  A carnation is cast into the sea for every crewmember lost and a wreath is laid in honor of the ship.  A plaque listing the ship and her crew is then hung in the corridors of the S.S. Lane Victory's mid-ship's house.  The following is a listing of all ships and crews memorialzed by the S.S. Lane Victory to date.

Memorial Service

Sea Cadets Performing a Memorial Service

Memorial Service

One of the Many Plaques Mounted in the Coridors of the S.S. Lane Victory Honoring Merchant Marine Casualties of W.W.II

S.S.  George Thacher
S.S.  A. Luchenbaeh
S.S.  T. Pickering
S.S.  Yorkmar
S.S.  Quinalt Victory
S.S.  Jacksonville
S.S.  Oneida
S.S.  Gulfshate
S.S.  John Berry
S.S.  Theodore Weld
S.S.  S. Heinstzelman
S.S.  F. MacDonald
S.S.  Tivives
S.S.  Connecticut
S.S.  Stanvac Calcutta
S.S.  Black Point
S.S.  Logan Victory
S.S.  Hobbs Victory
S.S.  Sicilien
S.S.  N.Hawthome
S.S.  Esso Gettysburg
S.S.  E.A. Bryan
S.S.  Dixie Arrow
S.S.  Puerto Rican
S.S.  Samuel Gompers
S.S.  J. Van Pennselaer
S.S.  Melville Stone
S.S.  John Poor
S.S.  Jonathan Sturges
S.S.  Stephen Hopkins
S.S.  Barbara
S.S.  Jean Nicolet
S.S.  Lewis L. Dyche
S.S.  Mary Luckenbach
S.S.  John Burke
S.S.  Cynthia Olson
S.S.  John Bascom
S.S.  William Humphrey
S.S.  Johy Harvey
S.S.  John L. Motley
S.S.  Joseph Wheeler
S.S.  Samuel Tilden
S.S.  James Sprunt
S.S.  Oakmar
S.S.  Oaul Hamilton
S.S.  Astral
S.S.  M. Atlantic
S.S.  B. Brewster

S.S.  Azealea City
S.S.  P. Pennsylvania
S.S.  James McKay
S.S.  John Winthrop
S.S.  John Straub
S.S.  H.D. Collier
S.S.  Gulftade
S.S.  H. Luckenbach
S.S.  M. Lewis
S.S.  Sumner Kimball
S.S.  William Frye
S.S.  C. Pinckney
S.S.  Angelina
S.S.  James Oglethorpe
S.S.  Merrimack
S.S.  LaSalle
S.S.  Robin Goodfellow
S.S.  West Portal
S.S.  Alcoa Pilgrim
S.S.  Bienville
S.S.  City of Alma
S.S.  David H. Atwater
S.S.  Joseph M. Cudahy
S.S.  Losmar
S.S.  CJ Barkdull
S.S.  East Indian
S.S.  Frances Salman
S.S.  Goumey Newlin
S.S.  John Drayton
S.S.  Henry Bacon
S.S.  Allen Jackson
S.S.  American Leader
S.S.  Broad Arrow
S.S.  Caddo
S.S.  Caribsea
S.S.  Carrabulle
S.S.  City of Atlanta
S.S.  David McKelvey
S.S.  City of New York
S.S.  Fort Lee
S.S.  Dan Beard
S.S.  Gulfamerica

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