S.S. Lane Victory ; Ship Type: VC2-S-AP2; Hull Number V-794

Launched May 31,1945 at  Cal Shipyard of Los Angeles, CA

Length:455 feet
Beam:62 feet
Depth of Hold: 38 feet
Draft (loaded): 28 feet

Gross Tonnage: 7,162  (relative measure of the volume of the ship's enclosed spaces)
Net Tonnage: 4,555 (relative measure of the volume of the ship's cargo carrying spaces)
Displacement Tonnage: 15,200 (total weight of the ship fully loaded)
Deadweight Tonnage: 10,750 (total weight of the ship's cargo, fuel, water & stores)

Ballast: 3,129 tons
Fuel Oil: 2,833 tons
Fresh Water: 300 tons

Cargo Holds: 5
Ranging 57 to 81 feet long
Hatches: 22 feet wide and ranging from 23 to 35 feet long
All cargo holds have t'ween decks

Cargo Handling:
3x masts with mast-houses, ranging from 104 to 110 feet above the main deck
4x king posts (2 forward, 2 aft of the mid-ships house)
14x cargo booms rated at 5 tons each*
14x 5-speed electric cargo winches**
1x 50 ton jumbo boom serving cargo hatch #3***
1x 30 ton jumbo boom serving cargo hatch #4***
*Note: Electirc winches are powered by 50hp single speed electric motors. Winch speed is controlled by switching resistor banks.
**Note: Due to limitations of available Coast Guard test weights, cargo booms are currently rated to 2.5 tons max operating weight
***Jumbo booms are installed but currently are not rated for operation.

Main Propulsion:
One Allis-Chalmers cross compound steam turbine with double reduction gears
Horsepower: 6000, at 90-100 RPM
Propeller: 19 feet in diameter
Max Speed: 16.3 knots   (18.75 mph)

2 sectional-header single pass Babcock-Wilcox boilers
Forced draft, oil fuel, water tube type, with superheaters and economizers
Rated to 525 psi with a max operating pressure of 465 psi*
Capable of producing 27,500 pounds of steam per hour at 750 degrees Fahrenheit
Fuel consumption: about 40 tons per day;  1 barrel/mile
*Note:  In order to reduce wear and tear on the S.S. Lane Victory's steam production and distribution systems, max operating pressure has been down graded to 400 psi.

Life Boats:
4x 24' lifeboats; total capacity 124 persons
2x inflatable life rafts intalled on the the boat deck*
16x rigid life rafts (12 forward, 4 aft)*
4x wartime** life rafts were mounted on skids fore and aft of the midship's house; total capacity 80 persons
2x wartime** life floats were mounted aft on the deckhouse; total capacity 30 persons
*Note: The Lane Victory is configured with modern supplemental life rafts as required by the Coast Guard in order to carry up to 800 passengers during her summer cruises.
**Note: supplemental wartime life rafts and life floats were removed sometime after the conclusion of WWII.

Up to 62 Merchant officers and crew
Up to 28 Naval Armed Guard officers and enlisted to man the guns during WWII

1x 5 inch / 38 caliber dual purpose mount*
1x 3 inch / 50 caliber mount*
8x 20mm Oerlikon anti-aircraft mounts*
1x 40mm twin Bofors anti-aircraft mount**
2x .50 caliber Browning M2 heavy machine guns**
* Note:  Entire complement of armament was removed in 1946 after the conclusion of WWII.  The Lane Victory served most of her career as an unarmed merchant ship.  Armament complement was re-installed as part of the Lane Victory's restoration to her WWII condition
**Note: 40mm mount and .50 cal machine guns were not part of the ship's original armament, but serve as examples of other types of weaponry that may have been mounted on other ships during the WWII era

Victory Class Line Drawing
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