Lane Victory Located in Port of Los Angeles

The S.S. Lane Victory is located in the Port of Los Angeles, just off the main channel, at Berth 94. Our location is along the San Pedro water front, just under Vincent Thomas Bridge. We are adjacent to the Los Angeles Cruise Center and the San Pedro Catalina Express terminal.

Early Picture of San Pedro Harbor

San Pedro Lumber Docks - 1888

From its discovery in 1542, by Portuguese explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, to the modern day; the harbor in the north west portion of San Pedro bay has played a central role in the development and commerce of what eventually became the city of Los Angeles and the southern California region. The bay (and later the town) of San Pedro was named after St. Peter of Alexandria, a 4th century bishop who lived in Alexandria, Egypt. St. Peter's feast day, November 24, corresponds to the day that Cabrillo discovered San Pedro Bay in 1542.  Settlement of the area began in earnest in 1769.  Initially a Spanish trading post for the monks from Mission San Gabriel Arcángel, the port began to thrive with international trade (illegal under Spanish law) at the turn of the century.  The lifting of many Spanish trading restrictions upon Mexican Independence in 1822 led to an economic boom and surge in population for San Pedro and its harbor.  

Aerial View of the Port of Los Angeles

Port of Los Angeles From the Air

Upon California's entry into the United States in 1848, San Pedro harbor was part of the foundation for the City of Los Angeles to grow upon.  During the early 1900's Los Angeles and the harbor area continued to grow in commerce and population with the modern-day "Port of Los Angeles" being founded in 1907.  The opening of the Panama Canal in 1914 proved pivotal in the growth of the city and its port as its location was ideal to support east-west trade through the canal.  The Port of Los Angeles was a strategic resource during World War II with virtually every aspect of port operations geared up to support the war effort. Almost all resources of the port were dedicated to ship construction and repair or the shipping of war materials abroad.  Our ship, the S.S. Lane Victory was built at California Shipyards (CalShip) located on terminal island in 1945.  Calship, alone, built a total of 468 ships for the Maritime Commission to support the war effort.  After the war the port continued to grow and was transformed by the emergence of the inter-modal container method of shipping. Today the Port of Los Angeles is the number one port in the United States in container volume and cargo value. The port generates over 900,000 jobs for the region and provides $39bn in wages and tax revenues.

Cruise Terminal Entrance Fountain

Entrance Fountain Near the L.A. Cruise Terminal

In addition to the S.S. Lane Victory, San Pedro is home to many historic landmarks and maritime attractions.  The Vincent Thomas Bridge is California's 3rd longest suspension span linking San Pedro with Terminal Island.  The Los Angeles Maritime Museum is just a few berths south of the S.S. Lane Victory. Fort MacArthur Museum, the Korean Bell of Friendship, Point Fermin Light House, The Cabrillo Aquarium, and the church of Mary Star of the Sea are all nearby points of interest as well. There are many restaurants along the water front and at the Ports o' Call Marketplace where one can dine and watch cruise ships glide by.  There are harbor tours, dinner cruises, and fishing charters also available at the Ports O' Call Market.  The restored San Pedro Water Front Red Car Line connects downtown San Pedro with the ship terminal and other points along the water front.  The recently constructed cruise ship promenade and entrance fountains near the cruise terminal are part of Port of Los Angeles long range master plan to redevelop and enhance the San Pedro water front.

The U.S.M.M.V.W.W.II and the S.S. Lane Victory is deeply appreciative of the support we receive from the Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro and the community at large.  In addition to serving as a maritime museum and Merchant Marine memorial, the S.S. Lane Victory also gives back to the port community in many ways.

The S.S. Lane Victory works with all local U.S. Navy Sea Cadet units allowing them to drill and hold classes aboard ship.  Sea Cadets are eligible to participate during our summer cruises assisting with deck-crew duties and manning the guns when under attack.  Sea Cadets also form the honor guard for our memorial services honoring merchant seamen and naval armed guard lost at sea.

Boarding Party

U.S. Navy Boarding Party

The S.S. Lane Victory serves as a training facility for the fire department, local law enforcement agencies, the U.S. Coast Guard and other military branches.  We have hosted training events for divers, security teams, search and rescue teams, multi-agency hazmat crews, and bomb-detection crews.  In the past, we have Coast Guard and Navy has "interdicted", boarded and searched the S.S. Lane Victory during her summer cruises; simultaneously providing a valuable training opportunity for our service members and entertaining our passengers at the same time.  The S.S. Lane Victory also supports the LAPD Juvenile Impact Program (a.k.a. Boot Camp) for at-risk youths, hosting several tours each year.

The S.S. Lane Victory works with local community colleges programs, hosting several lifeboat practicals for students, as part of the universities' seamanship programs.  The S.S. Lane Victory also allows film students from accredited universities to film aboard ship free of charge.

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